Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

RLS is a neurological sleep disorder where you can’t help but move your legs, making a comfort level for sleep nearly impossible to reach. The symptoms worsen at night. There are no set symptoms either, meaning they vary from person to person.

Some patients say it is like a burning or itching sensation that is only relieved once they move their legs, get up, or walk around.

RLS is not only a nighttime disorder, many who suffer at night suffer from it in the day too. This makes sitting still a near to impossible task for the patient.

RLS doesn’t just affect legs, it can affect any skeletal area.

Many times, RLS is due to Low Iron Storage. We check your labs on your appointment, for Ferritin and Vitamin D, to make sure your levels are Normal, before starting medications.

It does seem to worsen as time goes by, then affecting the day to day comfort of the patient.

The good news is RLS is treatable.

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